Kanyon App Redesign

In order to show my UI/UX skills, I decided to redesign Kanyon’s website (a shopping mall) and create a matching mobile app. My idea was to give a canyon view in the intro, since it has its shape and name. To begin with, I had a look at Kanyon’s current website. I identified the problems and made sure to include solutions in my own design. The problems I have found out in the current website and the app; a difficult menu to navigate, no image of the mall itself, different approach between mobile and web, narrowed buttons which may lead to misclicks.

I tried to use a similar lay-out for both the mobile and web design. In the web menu, I took a risky approach by recreating the menu in a curved shape, but I still made sure that it is easy to navigate through. In mobile, I based my design on scientific research. Users tend to only use one hand while browsing. Therefore, I created lower fixed menu buttons within easy reach. This way, users can quickly browse the website.

Lastly, while designing, I was inspired by the mall’s architecture. I used a 12 column grid system in both the design and the presentation.

Mobile Prototype:


onurcraft_kanyon_presentation_4onurcraft_kanyon_presentation_5onurcraft_kanyon_presentation_7onurcraft_kanyon_presentation_8onurcraft_kanyon_presentation_9 Kanyon_presentation_07

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